Concrete Sealing

Protect your concrete from dirt, oil, chemicals and stains that can hamper its appearance and make it difficult to clean.

Many homeowners are aware that they need to seal their wood decks, fences and siding to reduce damage and discoloration from the elements such as ice, rain, and the bleaching effects of the sun. However, many do not realize that they should also be sealing their exposed concrete slabs for the same reasons.

Your home is an investment, and maintaining its beauty and durability can be as simple as spending a couple of bucks on the right solutions. Some minor maintenance now can save you big money in replacement and repair in the future.

Why Should You Seal Concrete?

We’ve all seen broken, chipped, and cracked concrete sidewalks, basements and driveways. It’s all a result of concrete’s natural nemesis, water. As water and moisture enters the cracks, fissures and capillaries, alternating warm and freezing temperatures can cause the water to expand and contract ultimately affecting the integrity of the concrete.

De-iceing chemicals to keep your concrete walks free from dangerous ice is a good idea but without a sealer on the surface, corrodes your concrete surface and destroys its beauty.

In addition to elemental hazards, sealing your concrete also protects it from dirt, oil, grease, chemicals, and stains that can hamper its appearance and make it difficult to clean because of its porous nature.

Types Of Concrete Sealers

Though there are many different types of sealers, they fall into two basic categories: penetrating sealers, and film forming sealers.

Penetrating sealers are primarily used on exterior, non-decorative concrete. As its name implies, it penetrates the concrete to protect it from moisture and de-icing chemicals.

Film-forming sealers are generally applied to decorative concrete and work in much the same way as stain does on wood. It can enhance the concrete’s beauty with color and sheen.

We use a hybrid sealant that seals and cures in one step.

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