Hot Mix Asphalt

Hot Mix Asphalt has lower construction costs and maintenance requirements than concrete and is smoother to drive on.

What is Hot Mix Asphalt?

If you have ever driven on a road, then you have driven on hot mix asphalt. Hot mix asphalt (HMA) basically consists of two main ingredients. An aggregate, which is composed of 95% crushed stone, sand or gravel, bound together by a binding agent of asphalt cement, an oil based product. This asphalt is produced at a high temperature at an asphalt facility, usually between 150 and 190 degrees celsius. Once the hot mix is made, it is loaded onto trucks and transported to the job site, whether that be your home driveway or your commercial location.

Once it arrives at the asphalt paving project location, it is poured into a holding container on the paving machine. The paving machine then lays down the hot mix asphalt in 2.5″-6″ layers.

These layers can differ to ensure a smooth non-rutted surface. The lower layers act as a support for the upper layers and usually consist of aggregates that help prevent ruts. The upper layer of hot mix asphalt is made to be uniform and smooth. This creates an even surface for your driveway.

Hot mix asphalt roller

The final step of the HMA is to drive a large and very heavy, paving roller over the asphalt which compacts it. Once compact, the hot mix asphalt cools down quickly and can be driven on the same day.

Why should I choose Hot Mix Asphalt over Concrete?

Besides having lower construction costs and maintenance requirements, HMA is also smoother then concrete. Having a smooth driveway or parking lot at your commercial location means it will be better for automobiles, last longer and are quieter when driven on.

Asphalt hot mix should not crack when mixed correctly in the aggregate and binder stage of production. The hot mix Alberta Road Services uses is mixed for the Southern Alberta climate.

With lower maintenance requirements, you won’t need asphalt patching for years to come.

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